Tuesday, June 30, 2015

And The Doctor Said....

.....that everything looks fantastic!  Yippee!  

Had my appointment early this morning and Elenna is measuring exactly where she needs to be growth-wise.  I did ask about weight gain (actually lost a pound) and he said he isn't worried at all.  He said the only reason he would be concerned is if I were beginning to taper off growth-wise, and measuring behind where I am supposed to be.  

But I'm not :-) So he gave me the ok to continue with my exercise routines, yay :-) 

Although this is NOT my exercise routine - it's sadly true haha.  I had to buy a rubber shower mat 'cause I've gotten so unsteady in the shower I was afraid of falling one of these days....

I passed my glucose testing as well - in fact when the doctor checked the results he was like, "oh wow, these are really good - these are better than mine!"   lol yay for not having gestational diabetes!!

As for the pain I've been having in my pelvis, he said it's just all that good ligament stretching that's going on as my uterus continues to expand and baby gets bigger.   

So everything is just ticking along nicely and we get to see Elenna ONE LAST TIME on the ultrasound before delivery!!  So, in two more weeks.  That is also when they will be checking to see if my placenta has moved up far enough for a natural delivery (which he assured me is almost inevitable).  

Good report at the doctor made me happy - came home and ran four miles :-) Just a few more weeks people!  We are getting close!!!!! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

33 Weeks 2 Days

It appears I am very due for bump-date!  Sorry I missed last weeks.  Things got hectic and although I took pictures I never ended up making them into a blog post. :-/ Ma bad!  

33 weeks 2 days
How I'm Feeling:  So here we are at 33 weeks and 2 days!  I canNOT believe I am this far along.  I remember being just barely pregnant in the beginning and thinking how strange and weird it would be to be at the very end of this pregnancy, instead of the beginning.  

Well, now that I'm there, I can say that the way it feels.......is, sore.  Yes.  To be quite honest with you I'm just sore.  I feel like I'm always saying "ugh, my baby hurts" to David, I'm sure he's quite tired of hearing it!!  I don't like people touching my belly and I don't like wearing seat belts. I feel like I'm back at week 17 when my stomach just got ultra-sensitive.  Crazy!  It hurts to roll over in bed or get up suddenly or even David laying his arm across me at night is just.....*shudder* get if off!!!! lol

However, there have been other perks to this adventure, like I've been sleeping like a dead woman for the last few weeks.  Around week 30 it seems like I've just been on a down-hill slope energy-wise.  I feel super draggy and tired by about noon. :-/ And then I sleep like a ROCK all night long.  Sometimes I don't even wake up to go to the bathroom (truly a miracle these days) at all during the night.   But it's nice that I'm at a stage in life where, if I need to, I can just take naps whenever during the day - and I know this opportunity is sadly going to be very, VERY short lived haha.  In a matter of weeks I'm going to be sleeping less than I ever have before, probably.  :-)

Thankfully, David and I are both over those horrendous colds we had.  Yuck, I don't want that anytime again soon.  

Kind of felt icky over the weekend though, wasn't exactly sure what was going on.  Had alot of achiness in my pelvic area, a little cramping, and everything felt tight and just....wrong. 'Course I immediately started thinking oh great, pre-term labor or something.  :-/  But since Elenna was moving around a lot and there was nothing else seriously abnormal I decided to just wait it out and drink lots of water (dehydration can cause those Braxton Hicks!).  Thankfully I started feeling better yesterday, and so far today everything's good.  I will definitely mention it at my appointment tomorrow, though.  

How Big Is Elenna? According to the internet....average size for this gestation is about 17 inches long and 4.2 pounds.  Wow!!  My baby girl is getting big!  Apparently that's the size of a pineapple.  I totally believe it.  Even though EVERYONE comments on how small they think I am, it's so weird because I feel like a cow.  Going from where I used to be (fairly small) to where I am now, it's like.....a night and day difference to me.  I have this big ole' watermelon belly always sitting in my lap and for me, it just seems very very humoungous lol.  So don't think I'm that "lucky pregnant girl" who's just breezing through this and probably not even noticing she's pregnant - goodness, I notice it.  I'm ginormous :-/

Exercise: That being said....I'm still able to stay really pretty active!  It seems like continuing my workouts (even when I need to modify them) helps me stay sane somehow.  It makes me feel like I can still do something.  I'm not a complete invalid yet :-) Plus, having fitness goals to work towards keeps me motivated and most importantly, moving.  And hey! I still have some side-oblique definition goin' on too!  So that's encouraging!

So here was last week's workouts:

Monday: 4 mile run
Tuesday: 55 minute Jillian Michaels Youtube Workout (cardio/kickboxing)
Wednesday - 4 mile run / Zumba workout in the evening with my No Excuse Mom's Group
Thursday - same Jillian Michaels workout as Tuesday
Friday - 3 mile run

I've modified now from running every day to every other day, more for my knees than anything else.  Plus I'm now taking the weekends off of any exercise completely.  But I'm really enjoy doing Jillian Michaels on the days I don't run.  It's still a great cardio workout, plus she does some good core stuff that I feel will be really helpful in getting me all strengthened up for labor :-)

Weight: Seems like I'm up another pound this week, so 9 lbs total so far. Still feeling this enormous need for peanut butter lol, so I'm eating it in spades. Although I've been a stickler for not eating bread hardly ever, I've let up in recent weeks 'cause I LOVE my peanut butter and honey toast every morning!!!  Lots of bing cherries, strawberries, avacadoes, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and taco salads - oh and of course my bag of Girhadelli chocolate chips I keep in the freezer, oops.  I've also really been enjoying Trim Healthy Mama smoothies recently too, with some of David's yummy chocolate protein powder :-)

Also, I am really loving this yummy vanilla-caramel chai tea I got on sale the other day.  I haven't had chai in forever!!  Add a little sweet cream in there, and it's just super yummy.

 Tomorrow I have my next doctor apointment, so we'll see if they think I need to be more intentional about gaining weight, or if they think I'm ok.  So far they've been totally fine with my exercise and weight gain, so now that we're in the 30's week-wise, I'll be interested to see if they start hammering me to gain more or something. Guess we'll find out!  From now on my appointments are every 2 weeks!!

Even if I do have to slow down my workouts, I'm very happy that I've been able to workout so much this far. I'm still proud of how active I've stayed, so if I need to quit at some point in the coming weeks, I still consider it a victory to have been able to run this far into my pregnancy.  Elenna and I have run a lot of miles together, that's for sure :-)  And hopefully many many more to come!  As soon as I get past the 6 weeks post-partum recovery, you can be sure I'll be hitting the pavement again, just with a jogging stroller in front of me this time :-)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Marriage / Contentment

It occurred to me that some of you might wonder what we've spent the last 10 months of our marriage actually doing together.  Of course I have school and David has work; but in between those, you really have do stuff together or life can get monotonous!  Although school kept me depressingly busy, in between care plans, papers, study guides, and online lectures, we've managed to have a pretty fun time together so far :-)  I've had to learn when to say "enough" to school.  When to just put an assignment down and be DONE.  When to know that it's ok to skip a lecture, go home early, or turn in something late.  Obviously this can't be all the time (or I'd have failed nursing school a long time ago!), but for sanity's sake, I really do have to say "no" sometimes to school and "yes" to the rest of my life!

 photo 928a96fc-d7c2-418e-8e84-d54048a69ab8_zpssqnkz0ko.jpg

We've been hiking a few times together.  Not super my favorite activity in the whole wide world, but beautiful nonetheless and good exercise :-)  Plus it's something David loves doing so if it means spending time making him happy, I'm all in :-)

Cooking together and eating together is fun, too :-)
My taste for Mexican food has definitely changed! (shocker, I know.)  I still loathe shredded beef and red sauce and tamales...but David makes some killer bean burritos and Mexican rice, and there's a few recipes I've been making quite a bit that aren't too bad, like Baked Tacos or Chicken Enchiladas. 
We've found a meat market right around the corner from us that sells FRESH (like, made right there) flour tortillas that are to die for, so that's what we use most of the time and they are so yummy!!

Since we still drive into Sahaurita for church on Sundays, we seem to spend quite a bit of time in the car :-)   But hey! Makes for great conversations, really dumb jokes, good Adventures in Odyssey listening time (YES I still listen.....don't judge), or reading a book to whoever's driving.  After church we almost always head over to David's parents house and get to have lunch with them.  Then it's the looooong drive back home.  But honestly, being together makes everything perfect :-)

I think that's one of the key things about staying happy in marriage.  Obviously not every day will be romantic or amazing or a sweep you off your feet kind of day.  But learning to have fun and enjoy each others company in the ups and downs of life is super important.  Our beloved little car has broken down numerous times.  The dirty laundry does pile up in the closet.  There have been raw eggs splattered on the ground after rolling off the refrigerator shelf.  Our water heater did go out this winter (equaling some VERY cold showers for about a week).  The air conditioning in our car is currently not working (so much fun in the summer heat, right!).  

Life happens!  BUT - stepping back and just laughing at ourselves and our current predicament is essential to lightening up the situation.  That's pretty much how we've gotten through little bumps on the road!  Just keep laughing together :-)

 photo 6cafa8b7-1b45-4ee3-9463-6639bf2a9be3_zpsffhglcg8.jpg

We like kissing.  

Ok I said it. *gasp*

 But we also like doing other things together, like working out, or swimming, or having our date night on Tuesday when it's $5 day at the movie theater.  We like spontaneously getting frozen yogurt, or going to the cafe at the library to get cookies, or even doing laundry together :-)  One thing I especially enjoy doing (which I haven't done in a while so maybe soon again!) is surprising David when I pick him up from work by having already ordered Olive Garden takeout and wearing my "little red dress" (yes I have one!).  It's just fun sometimes to make a regular evening extra-special, especially when I know he's tired or really hungry :-)  

 photo c2b64083-e69a-45aa-8d91-a53e21352d32_zpszkj7thkw.jpg

Like I said, I'm enjoying Mexican food more now lol.  But I'm still pretty picky!!  When we go out I almost always exclusively order a taco salad - pretty much can't go wrong with one of those.  (Plus the chip bowl it comes in is my favorite!) 

Of course talking about and dreaming of our little baby girl is also something we do alot of.  It's hard for both of us to imagine that we'll have her, an actual real baby, a daughter, in just two months!  Today we hit 32 weeks so we are definitely getting very close.  I really hope she comes early - I'm just dying to see what she looks like :-) 

So all in all, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of stereotypes about marriage that we have stoutly defied.  Who says everyone else is right anyways?  Here are just a few that we've soundly knocked down already:

1. You need a large wedding fund so that you can have an expensive wedding. 
Wrong.  We set aside $800 as what we had to spend on our wedding budget and we loved our wedding.  Ok, maybe our's was minus all one thousand pinterest decoration ideas that are buzzing around out there, but we haven't gotten divorced yet, so probably it's ok right.....

2. You need to have a reeeallly nice honeymoon.  
Well, we did.  But not to Europe or anything.  Actually we got a discounted cabin for two nights in a nearby canyon.  Our incredibly reliable (yeah right) car kept stalling all the way up the mountain on our wedding night in the pouring rain - it was a miracle we actually got there lol.  And it rained solid the entire two days.  BUT our honeymoon was still so exciting and amazing and special.  :-)  I wouldn't change it for anything :-)

3. You need a cute little cottage with a white picket fence at the top of a hill.  
Nah, it's the apartment life for us.  But seriously, I LOVE our apartment!  I love how I've gotten to decorate it to my tastes just perfectly.  I almost always have our white lights on and a candle or two lit.  A coffee maker and a love seat makes the rest of it all come together.   As long as things stay clean and neat, it's beautiful. Yes it's small.  But why do we need more?  Actually I'm super happy that we even have a one-bedroom and not a studio (because we were seriously considering a studio apartment at first).  I love our lil' nest. :-)

4. Baby needs his / her own nursery.  
Why?  I didn't even get my own room until my sis moved away to college - and then it was kinda lonely and empty.  A baby (special as they are!) needs something to wear, something to eat, and a place to sleep.  So far, we have those three covered!  Anything we get additional to that is a superb luxury :-)  I'm learning to thin out, downsize, and figure out what the essentials are, for any aspect of life, not just a new baby.  

So for those of you who are single and reading this, just know that you can be very very happy with very very little :-) We didn't have $50,000 saved up prior to marriage.  We didn't go to Hawaii for our honeymoon.  Because we have an itty bitty apartment, we do get to endure noisy neighbors who enjoy partying all night.  I don't get to drive a Corvet to school (in fact a few times I've had to ride my bike!).  Some times we do have to just say "no" to something because the money isn't there.

But.  Our needs are well-met.  God has taken care of us, every time.  And most of all, we have each other.  I know that you can't "live on love" as the old saying goes, but it's true that love can get you through a lot.  We don't have a lot of stuff, but we do have each other.  Finding out that your spouse means more than stuff  you want is definitely monumental in having a joyful marriage.  

Monday, June 15, 2015

10 Months of Marriage

Over the weekend, David and I reached ten months of marriage.  
So crazy to think it's been that long, right?!  The time has just flown by.  

Seems like just the other day I was excitedly shaking in my heels as I walked down that aisle and promised myself to the most loving, caring, and godly man I know. Next to getting saved, it was the best day of my entire life - one that I keep wishing I could re-live because it was just so darn special. 

So many people warned us with clucking tongues and shaking heads that "the first year is the hardest" and "just try not to kill each other".  Both of us stepped into marriage hearing that and decided that it didn't matter what "experienced" couples told us, our first year was going to be beautiful - as well as the rest of our marriage.

And it has been.

We haven't had our first fight yet (as so many people promised would happen within the first week of marriage, if not minutes).  This doesn't mean we don't dis-agree at times - but we've been able to work those differences out just fine without yelling matches and throwing pots and pans across the room at each other!  (Again, like we were told would happen!)

We haven't grown "comfortable" with each other in the ways that we were told to expect -  like, falling into the "get it yourself" mentality, or the apparently "inevitable" downhill slope of letting yourself go by not showering, staying in your pj's all day, or gaining the "wedding 15".

Sure I've had some pretty bad cooking flops in the last 10 months.  And I can't deny that David doesn't occasionally leave dirty underwear on the bathroom floor.  Sometimes the house is a disaster when he comes home from work instead of a candle-lit romantic palace - and sometimes  he gets frustrated because I can't seem to avoid leaving granola bar wrappers, receipts, and other assorted garbage in his car.  :-/ 

These are all normal parts of learning to live with each other.  
And yet - our marriage is truly incredible.  I am not lying when I say that being David's wife has been the most beautiful, exciting, and wonderful part of my life.  

Although many people would attest our still liking each other to an extended "honeymoon phase" (again, what we were promised would "get us through" those first few "difficult" years of marriage), I can most assuredly tell you that it is much more closely linked to the fact that our relationship is 100% centered on Christ. 

It's how we started out, from the first day we met each other (even though I completely ignored him for the first few months - my idea of purity lol) to the day we married, to where we are now.   It's what makes the little things that may tick the other person off less offensive, what makes forgiveness possible, what makes grace extendable and a 1-Corinthians-13-kind-of-love a reality.  

God's love towards each one of us is not characterized by infatuation or a couple-year period of honeymoon-happiness.   Why should that be what we expect from a marriage love?  If our example is Jesus, than we have a much higher standard to look to! If our example is Jesus, than we should never be afraid to be the first  to jump in and love more fully, give most generously, and be the shoulder for the other to lean on. 

There have been so many wonderful and amazing moments these last 10 months that I wish I could sit here and tell you about every single one.  Moments that defy what the world tells us is "impossible" in a marriage.   

And as I sit here at 4:57 am with our daughter kicking furiously inside of me, I'm reminded of how much I am in love with my husband.  Because he left for work an hour ago with a smile on his face, telling me "you know, you sure make it hard to leave for work in the mornings!!"  Quite honestly, we really, really like each other.  :-)  

And it's because we were both in love with Jesus before falling in love with each other.  Keeping the former going is vital to the continuation of the latter. That is truly the key.

Friday, June 12, 2015

31 weeks / trust

It's a beautiful Friday morning, friends :-)
Every Friday we reach a new pregnancy milestone; a new week.  And each Friday I ask David, "you know what today is, right?" To which he usually is kinda confused and says something like, "uh....our anniversary?"  

Nope!!! Today is 31 weeks of life for our beautiful princess Elenna!!! 
Then David usually goes "What!!!!  Didn't you just tell me we were at 30 like...yesterday?!"

31 weeks
There seems to be quite a bit of confusion surrounding our baby's name.  Her name is:
Elenna Rosella Camarena. 

And it is pronounced exactly as it appears.  Eeeee-lenn-uh.  NOT Alaina or Eliana or Elanna.  
Hope that helps some of you with pronunciation!!  :-)

How I'm Feeling: It seriously depends on the day!!  Somedays I feel just wiped out by hardly doing anything, and other days I feel like a kangaroo holding onto my little baby pouch and just bounding out the door with a "let's do this!" mentality haha.   Somedays I feel really achy in my lower abdomen and on the sides.  Usually I find exercise helps loosen that up.  Other days (usually on Sundays, when I'm sitting in car a whole lot or on my feet a bunch) my lower back starts bothering me.  But of course none of this is unbearable or really that bad at all, so I can't complain.  :-)  I've definitely gotten past the "I forget I'm pregnant" stage, that's for sure - there's no forgetting my big watermelon belly!!  I'm used to working around it now, but sometimes it will hit me - you know, I used to be able to do this without swinging my whole stomach all over the place like it's an extra appendage or something.  
I've been sleeping a little better recently, praise God!  And that's another thing - rolling out of bed is just exactly that these days, rolling.  What happened to being able to just spring out of bed at any angle??!!  lol

How Big Is Elenna? According to the What to Expect When You're Expecting book, "Though your baby still has 3-5 pounds more to gain before delivery, he or she is weighing in at an impressive 3-plus pounds this week.  And at 18 inches long, your baby is quickly approaching his or her birth length."

She's so big!!!  I've noticed recently that she's started kicking me RIGHT in the bladder.  That's always an adventure haha! 

Exercise: I still feel up to just about anything these days, which is great.  Here's this week's mileage:

Friday: 2.7 mile run
Monday: 4.2 mile run / 45 min
Wednesday: 4.5 mile run / 47 min, plus a No Excuse Mom workout group in the evening
Thursday: 3 mile run / 32 min, kickboxing / cardio workout in the afternoon
Friday (today): guess we'll see what I end up doing!!  Tomorrow David and I plan to drive to a beautiful canyon nearby EARLY in the morning and run together.  I love running with my hubby :-)

Total mileage for the week: 14.5 miles, so far :-)

I know many of you have voiced concerns about me exercising so much during this pregnancy.  And I just wanted to first say THANK YOU for being concerned and for caring.  :-)  Although I haven't done this whole having-a-baby-thing before, when I first found out I was pregnant, I did a whole, whole lot of research on exercising while pregnant, specifically running since it is high-impact.  I found so much positive online about the huge benefits of exercising while pregnant, from medical journals to medical websites to blogs to, well just about everywhere.  The reason I've been able to run so much is because I was already a runner before becoming pregnant, so my body was used to it.  This is the only caution pregnant moms need to be aware of, don't start a new and intensive exercise routine during pregnancy.  Stay as active as you were  before becoming pregnant.  My doctor has cleared me for running all the way through this pregnancy, and has said (so far) that my weight gain is fine.  If there was any concern on his part that I shouldn't be running, I gurantee you I wouldn't be!! Baby comes first!  But up until this point, everything has been fine.  So I'll keep running til' I pretty much can't anymore, I suppose!!

And.....this is so me right now.....
Weight: 8 lbs since the start.  Although I haven't had any weird cravings during this pregnancy, I do have to say I have craved peanut butter this past week.  Like, weirdly so.  It just sounds so good!!  I've had thick thick layers of peanut butter on toast about every day this week.  AND yogurt with a scoop of peanut butter and chocolate chips - it's like cookie dough, mmmm.  :-)  Usually when I snack I eat whole, simple foods.  So these days it's been alot of cheese, eggs, avacados, peanut butter, fruits, green beans, nuts, etc.

The one thing about being pregnant that IS quite difficult at times is trusting.  Trusting God to take care of and grow this baby.  Around the end of last week, I started noticing that I wasn't feeling Elenna move much at all.  Little tiny pokes here and there, but that was about it.  Over the weekend I watched more closely and started getting a little worried.  By Monday I called the doctor and they sent me straight over to the hospital to be monitored for about an hour.  Praise God, as soon as they hooked me up I heard that sweet little heartbeat pounding away and immediately felt much better!!  They watched her for an hour and said that "everything looks great, babies just have quiet days sometimes!"  They assured me that I did the right thing by coming in, even though by this point I felt pretty dumb.  And since Monday, Elenna has been kicking up a storm again :-) Guess she was just tired last week!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Exercising Til I Pop! 30 Weeks

Phew! I'm tired!  30 weeks and I'm just about pooped with this pregnancy.  Being pregnant is exciting and fun but I'm kinda ready to just have this little girl already :-) Only 10 weeks left!!!!!  (And hopefully less than that - 36 would be awesome, just sayin......)

30 weeks today! sorry, no fancy picture. like I said.....i'm pooped :-/
 How I'm Feeling: Bleh.  I've had this horrible cold thing for the last week and a half.  I felt so bad that I went to the doctor....and of course he made me feel like a wimp by telling me "oh, it's just allergies.  They're bad right now."  Um....no, I, as an LPN, happen to DISAGREE!!  This is not allergies.  lol I've had a bad sore throat, barking cough, goopy eyes, and the inability to breathe for going on  2 weeks now.  Waaaaa.  Because I can't breathe, I've been trying to go to sleep kind of half sitting up to help the congestion drain and not get all stuffed up at night....but of course that is so uncomfortable that I wake up every hour or so.  I haven't exactly slept real great recently!  Poor Elenna probably thinks mommy has turned into a dog with me bark-coughing all the time.  :-/

Two nights ago I felt so awful around midnight that I got up to make myself some hot chocolate (the hotter the better - I've always felt like scalding a sore throat with boiling beverages kind of....well....numbs it,....kinda...).  I couldn't hardly even see with my eyes watering like crazy and I was coughing up a storm.  One of those moments where I just wanted to start bawling but - honestly I was like if I start crying now I'll be able to breathe even LESS!!! 

And then last night I got up at 10pm to go to the bathroom and, in my somewhat delerious / half asleep state, locked myself OUT of the bathroom.  Which led to me trying to pick the lock with a bobby pin and squinty eyes.  Which led to me having to wake David up to get one of his tools out and unlock it for me.  Gosh I've had weird nights lately!!!!

At this gym!

Weight:  According to the doctor today, I'm up 8 pounds since the start of this pregnancy.  Doesn't sound like that much but I feel it.  When I'm running I just have to laugh when I look down and see my little belly wobbling back and forth haha!   

And no one seems to believe I'm 71/2 months pregnant.   Geez!  I'm not lyin' people!!  :-)

Exercise: Not even going to track my mileage this week.  I took four days off because of my bad cold and just started running again on Wednesday.  I'm definitely slowing down :-/

Food: eating it.  Not much to say here.  Kinda bored with these preggo updates lol :-)

That's about it my friends!  I need to go shower after my run and then make chicken and mashed potatoes for my hungry man :-)

Friday, May 29, 2015

29 Weeks

I am making pregger-ress guys!!
Ok, maybe that was lame.  It was a joke.  Progress is of course what I meant.  *sigh* Maybe I'm spending too much time by myself these days :-/

29 weeks.  And no this isn't the same picture as last week.  Just the same spot, same position.  I think it's a better comparison that way.  :-)
Although I can't really say these weeks are flying by.....they still have and are going by fairly quickly.  I am SO excited to reach 30 weeks next week!  30 sounds so close to 36!!!  

How I'm Feeling: It's a day-to-day thing.  For the most part I seem to have plenty of energy still!!  Unfortunately I've been experiencing "pregnancy insomnia" a lot - in other words, I can't sleep!!  It's so weird.  David hits the pillow and he's out like a light.....while I, on the other hand, end up just laying there for a good hour or so before I finally go to sleep.  Why?! It's so crazy.  I think half the problem is I think too much.  I feel like I have so much to do before Elenna comes that I have all these mental lists I keep reviewing and adding to.  I seem to keep fairly busy during the day (even though I'm not in school, there's still plenty to get done) so it's not a lack of activity.  But pregnancy marches on lol, whether I get sleep or not!

How Big is Elenna? I haven't put this on the blog for a while - and guess what, she is GROWING!!  She is about 2 1/2 pounds and about 15 inches long (about the size of a butternut squash).  No wonder I feel her squirming around in there all the time! It's so hard to believe that I really have another person that big inside me.  Considering when we first found out we were pregnant she was the size of a kidney bean....she's certainly grown a lot :-)

 Exercise:  Still able to do my regular ole' thing each week.  I've now moved from running outside to running in our little fitness center on the treadmill.  It's getting hot outside!! I kind of switched things up this week and did a little bit of everything to give myself a break.  Running every day gets kinda boring :-/

Saturday -  2 mile run / 20 minutes
Sunday -  REST
Monday - 4 mile run / 43 minutes
Tuesday - 2 mile walk / 30 minutes (just wasn't feelin' it )
Wednesday - CafeMomCardio (30 mins) Youtube Dance workout (30 mins) , 2 mile run / 20 minutes (total mileage 4.2 miles according to my watch)
Thursday - I was just plain lazy.  There's no excuse.
Friday - 4.2 mile run /  42 minutes

Total mileage for the week: 18.4 miles

I went to a nearby gym the other day to see how much membership would be (crazy expensive, don't think we'll be going that route!!) and the guy who gave me a tour had this weird accent that I could barely understand when he talked.  I told him I was pregnant and he was like, "How far along?" I told him 7 months to which he stoic-ly replied "Does not look like it. Now if you'll follow me."   Ummmm...ok?  Thanks alot?

Weight: Still about the same.  I'm expecting it to pick up here again pretty soon though.  This little girl still has a good five pounds to put on herself, let alone what I need to help her do that!

Food: So this week, one of David's patients gave him a box of Hershey's Chocolates Pot of Gold for his birthday.  And OF COURSE I was like "gee David I sure looooove you....is there anything I can get for you?  Anything you need? Name it.  I just loooooove you...." And....my bribery failed me.  lol. ( However, he loves sharing thank heavens.)

But no, really - I only had one.  And that night we proceeded to watch the new movie on Netflix, Fed Up.  It's a food documentary (similar to Food, Inc. if you've seen that) all on the horrendous dangers of sugar and the epidemic of obesity in America -  we found it very very interesting.  Of course, after watching it, we both looked at each other (and the box of chocolates between us) and gulped.  Upon lifting the lid once again, we discovered that this box has TWO TRAYS of chocolate truffles.  I groaned.  After watching a documentary like that you feel destined to eat salad the rest of your life.  What's a body to do???!!!!   *sigh*

I'm still eating very healthy though, lots of salads and fresh fruits and that sorta thing.

So yesterday David had the day off, and although we had alot of plans, I ended up staying inside the house All.  Day.  Long.  It wasn't intentional....but it just kinda happened.  I didn't work out, I didn't go anywhere - I just sat inside and read books and cleaned the house and stuff.  Around 5pm while David was working out I had a slight breakdown and was like "I've been cooped up in this house all day!!!!  I need to go somewhere!!!"  My sweet husband had pity on me and, against EVERYTHING that Dave Ramsey stands for, gave me $20 and forced me to go shopping.  He was like "here, get out of the house for a few hours and just have fun."  Woo hoo!!  I went to the mall and got 3 different shirts for $15 and then picked up a bowl of frozen yogurt (the self serve kind with all the toppings) on the way home - which we devoured together before bed. (Yummy)

All that to say, I love my husband.  :-)  He he - but today it's back to the budget.  :-)