Tuesday, April 28, 2015

24 weeks 4 days

Although it seems like these weeks are flying by (it's because of school!!!), I have a bad feeling that they will start creeeeeeping by VERY sloooowly quite soon here.  School (as much as I hate to admit it) gives me purpose.  Daily activity.  As stressful as nursing school can be.....honestly, it keeps me focused, determined, and always learning.  

Thus, the first 1/2 of my pregnancy has sped by beautifully :-)

However, with the last day of school approaching here in just a week and a half (crazy), I'm thinking the second 1/2 of baby belly isn't going to be as glamorous or fast-moving.  lol.

Cravings: Fruit - though this has always been true I guess :-) Since so much fruit is coming into season and on sale recently, I've been buying strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, and grapes like crazy and eating a ton of it.  I love fresh food!  I had a good time with some homemade chocolate chip cookie dough this week as well - a spoonful or two each day - until I accidentally left the container sitting out all morning today.  Whoops.  Bye-bye chocolate amazing-ness.....

Maternity Clothes: So  I'm at the stage where, though most of my clothes still fit, some of them look kinda stupid now :-/  Pre-pregnancy jeans are still fitting as long as I do the pony-tail trick....BUT I'm finding it awkward having the zipper unzipped all the time and having to remember to always pull my tanktops / shirts down to cover lol.  The one pair of maternity pants I do have are the best ever because I don't have to worry about that :-) I got a great pair of maternity shorts that I love, and I'm thinking I'll go by Ross this week and pick up another pair of a different color since it's very much shorts-weather!!  Long, flowy tops or slimmer maternity shirts are my favorite right now.  Long tank tops are terrific as well.

How I'm Feeling: I have THE WORST dry skin IN THE WORLD.  It's weird cause it's really not all that dry right now.  But I'm peeling and flaking all over the place!  (And every place, too, let me say.) I'm finding I have to lotion up twice a day to feel ok.  And when I'm too lazy to do that, I just itch like a monkey ALL DAY LONG.  It's bad.  
Another thing I've noticed this week has been that it really hurts to stretch back - you know, like a good deep morning reach-your-hands-to-the-sky-and-bend-backwards-kinda-stretch.  When I do, I just really feel it pulling deep in my abdomen - kinda hurts!!!  
Other than that though, still feeling great!

Exercise: As much as I haaaaaaate it, I'm forcing myself to quit running. JUST for this week only.  My runner's knee has been so awful that sometimes I can't even really walk very well.  I've resigned myself to the fact that I won't be able to really run well unless I let me knee heal up.  So I'm giving it a few days.  
To make it even worse, David bought me a SyncBurn watch this week for my birthday!!!!!!!!!  I'm SO excited about using it on my runs!  It tells you how far you've run, how many calories you've burned, timing, etc.  And to boot, this morning he bought me new running shoes because the pair I've been using are really worn out with horrendous support.  (Maybe that's why my knee got all messed up in the first place?) So I have this stuff just sitting there, crying out to be used lol.  But not this week.  Gotta heal up.

Weight: 6-7 lbs total so far.  (Hard to say exactly because I don't know how much is water weight or a quick shift from a big meal earlier.)
How Big is Elenna? Well, according to thebump.com......

  • Her see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque.
  • And it's got a new pink glow, thanks to the small capillaries that have recently formed.
  • Your 10.5-to-11.8-inch fetus weighs about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces and every week she gets closer and closer to being ready to survive (and thrive!) in the outside world.

 I think it's crazy amazing I have a human cantaloupe living inside me lol!!  I know she's getting big because sometimes I'll feel her kick really down low AND up high by my belly button at the same time and I'm like "wow, she's really stretching out in there!".  
And speaking of belly buttons....I NEVER thought I'd see the day but.....mine is becoming an outie :-( lol it's weird because I've always had an "innie" belly button, but apparently being pregnant is changing that.  And I think I'm getting stretch marks on both sides of my stomach (maybe that's why I'm itching like crazy).  I've been really good at moisturizing though, and my weight gain is steady so I'm not sure why I would get stretch marks already.

Things I've Gotten For Elenna: I haven't bought anything as of yet.  For one thing, we don't have a place to put any of it til I re-organize for her arrival lol! Some friends have blessed us with some great little girl things so far though, and every bit of it is a HUGE blessing :-) My sweet sister in law Liz got us our first cardboard read-aloud book though, *so cute* !  It's about llamas going to bed he he. Fun stuff :-)

What I'm Looking Forward to:  

- my next appointment!   I'll actually get to finally meet the doctor who is going to deliver miss baby girl (so far I've only seen nurse practitioners).  My next appointment is May 16 so just a few more weeks.  

- my graduation ceremony on the 14th!!  I am ecstatic beyond belief to be able to walk across that stage and get pinned.  Gosh, I can go get my LPN license now.  Amazing!

- being able to run again.  I really enjoy challenging myself so it's a bummer to not be able to workout like I want to.

- getting together with my family this week to celebrate Josh's and my birthday!  It's been a busy few weeks recently so I haven't gotten to really see them much.  

- vacation!!! Woot woot! David and I are starting to plan it for early June, I think. Reward for getting through my first year of nursing school without going crazy :-)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Elenna, Weddings, Bees, etc.

Guess what guys?  SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT!!!!! *squeal*
I am absolutely desperate to be done and so excited to be able to say that I am an LPN!!! 
I have about three weeks left.  It couldn't come any faster :-)

 I feel like I've kinda "popped" since my last bump-date two weeks ago.  I just feel like I look bigger.  More....sticking-out-ish. lol But that of course is to be expected!!! 
 Of course you all know by now that we're having a GIRL!!!  I'm so excited!  Elenna Rosella. I can't believe that we actually know now.  It makes having this baby so much more real for me.  What was really cool was that, during the ultrasound, every time I would feel her move I could also see it on the screen.  We got a huge strip of pictures of our baby girl and I look at them multiple times each day!  She is so cute :-)
The nurse said everything was looking good and that she looks normal and healthy - about eleven ounces right now! 

How I'm Feeling: Still great. I've noticed recently that my round ligament pain has kinda started up - anytime I sneeze, or cough, or get up too fast, my sides sort of "zing" me, ouch.  And I pretty much can no longer lay on my stomach - it just feels like I'm lying on an apple or something!  My appetite seems to have gone back to normal again, I'm not starving like I was last month. 

Weight: Still the same, I haven't gained anything more yet. 

Exercise: It's interesting how people say that motherhood makes you a better person.  Ever since finding out we were pregnant the week of Christmas, I've worked out way more often and harder than I ever have before! And I've also been way more careful of my diet!  Right now I'm following the 12 Week No Excuses Challenge over at No Excuse Mom! Basically the idea is to really focus in on your fitness goals for 12 weeks straight, no stopping.  The challenge is 3 weeks in and I've been motivated to work out 5-6 days a week since it started, which is awesome.  Sometimes I'll divvy up my workouts by running in the morning before school and then in the evening after dinner (with David!).  This week I injured my knee somehow so I'm putting running aside for the time being and focusing on Jillian Michaels again, plus some biking.   

All in all, I'm finding exercising to be more and more fun (and rewarding) then I used to.  Plus I know it's good for me AND baby - I just tell myself, forget the 10k, I'm training for labor! lol

Cravings / Aversions: none still.  When I start wanting chocolate I just mix some dark chocolate chips with nuts and granola, or make healthy snacks like these little cookies :-)

Photo credit: PeterMahar Photography
Over the weekend of the 10th, I was so privileged to get to be in my best friend Cassie's wedding!!!  We've been friends for about...I don't even know, maybe 5 years now? And we always talked about how "someday" we would be in each other's weddings, if that EVER even happened to us.  (Funny how pessimistic you can be when you're single!) 

Well lo and behold we both got married to the men of our dreams within 9 months of each other.  Crazy!  God sure is awesome!  So I got to take a road trip out to CA with my dad for a few days (David had to work all weekend) so I could be a part of her very special wedding. :-)  It was a very blessed event, indeed.

So today found me......

getting to sleep til' 7am. (yay!) enjoying coffee whilst purusing facebook.  making mini egg frittatas. being encouraged by Matthew 10. packing grilled cheese sandwiches and riding my bike to David's work (6 miles, woot woot!!) to meet him for lunch *special times*. getting a sunburn.  biking through a swarm of bees (didn't see that one coming, could have been suuuuuuper bad). eating cold grapes while relaxing on the couch and blogging.  

And THAT my friends, was my day!  
Now I'm off to make some healthy chocolate chip cookies and clean up the house. :-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

*bumpdate* 21 weeks 3 days!

 Happy Tuesday everyone!

Finally actually got some pictures this morning - sorry for the scrubs, I was on my way to school :-) We had simulation lab all this morning, which wasn't too bad to my surprise since they are usually rather monotonous.   Only a slight case of COPD / CHF / bilateral pneumonia / osteoperosis to deal with - all in ONE patient.  'Course in the end I think I ended up looking more cyanotic than the manequin after eating a blue-raspberry sucker the entire time - my lips were rather, uh, blue.  lol

How I'm Feeling: Great! Honestly besides feeling the baby move all throughout my day, I don't even feel pregnant - I have a ton of energy (really never had that 1st trimester exhaustion or nausea) and feel great.   I love being pregnant!  I love knowing that my baby is growing inside.  In those quiet moments (like right now, 4:55 am, hubby at work) when it's just me at home, I love feeling those little kicks and being able to say "Hey precious!"  or "What's goin' on in there, huh?"  

How the BABY is feeling: Hopefully good lol!  I started feeling little flutters about a month ago, but really the last 2-3 weeks have been actual kicks. And it came on all of the sudden - it was like one day I was barely feeling anything much (wasn't even sure if I was even feeling the baby), and the next day WHAM!  There it be!  Basically I would describe the feeling as really strong muscle twitches.   I started noticing patterns too; it moves alot right after I've eaten (especially if I ate a big meal) and at night when I lie down to go to sleep.  It moves during the daytime as well, but it's kind of hit or miss, probably depending on if it's sleeping or not :-)  What's been really cool is being able to share this with David.  It's one thing to tell him "oh, the baby's moving!" and quite another for him to be able to feel it with his hand!!  Last night he laid his head down on my stomach and was like, "ok baby, this is the one time in your life it's ok for you to kick your dad in the face, go for it!"  And it did!  They were strong kicks too!!  Pretty amazing feeling :-)

Weight: about 6 pounds total, from the beginning of the pregnancy.  So right now, I'm about 124 lbs. I almost feel like it's useless at this point to keep weighing myself at home - I'm only going to see the number go up.  I think I'd rather just find out at my dr. appointments.   But keeping track at home also helps me stay on point with what I'm eating.  I guess it's just a good reminder to take care of myself.

Cravings / Aversions: none to speak of still.  Of course DUH, I would love to eat that huge bag of Easter chocolates we got from the Easter celebration at David's family's house last Sunday but.....no.  I shall restrain myself. 

Exercise:  Aside from skipping my run last night....I'm doing really good on consistently working out!  Pretty much having to put my 6-week-6 pack Jillian Michaels on the shelf for now though.  I'm at the point where my diastisis recti (your abs) are beginning to separate (yup, they go to your sides when you're pregnant!), so trying to get a 6-pack is not only useless now, it's also a bad idea as it can make it harder for them to come back together post-partum.  However I'm still running most days.  I try to make it 3 miles each run - and then I do side crunches at home to try and at least maintain some obliques.  :-) 

*One thing I DON'T understand though (and it always makes me laugh) is how every single exercise machine at the gym has bold warnings on it somewhere about, "if during exercise you feel pain, short of breath, or fatigue, stop immediately."  Um.....isn't that kind of the whole point of exercising??!!  Ah well.

How Big is Baby? about the length of a banana!!  And about 3/4 of a pound.  Another website said that as a whole, the baby is more acurately looking the size of a large mango or small cantalope.  I would believe it :-)  Although this is kind of behind where we are, I thought this video was really good at visualizing our baby's development. 

Last but not least:  Just have to say, I DO show more after eating.  This picture was taken a few days ago (sorry it's so bad) but I wanted to show you a better "bump" picture.  Of course this is at the end of the day, so I've got food in there too, but David says the first few don't really look like I'm pregnant haha.  And since we're now past April Fool's Day, I can tell you that we are NOT faking being pregnant lol!!  This is the real deal!!  I'm sure I'll get big soon enough. 

Next Tuesday is gender reveal day!!!!!  
That's right!!  Super excited for our anatomy scan.  And super excited that my brother Jonathan will be able to be there for it as well - he got leave from Germany so that's pretty awesome.  Actually my whole family except for Courtney will get to be there for it :-)  Can't wait to see if this is a girl or boy!! What do you all think?  Leave a comment and guess!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

when even sweatpants hurt. *bumpdate*

 Woke up this morning and thought, "geeze.  I look like a cow."
 I'm wearing my fuzziest and most comfy pj pants EVER here, and even they were killing me this morning!!  Waistbands are really bothering me this week.   I kept pushing the waistband down lower and lower, finally I was like good grief it's probably more comfortable to just go naked all day.  

HOWEVER birthday suits are not appreciated at walmart or the gymn so I decided against the idea. 
And instead bought my first pair of legit maternity shorts.  
As soon as I tried them on I was on cloud 9.....seriously, they are so comfy!!  My tummy felt awesome in them :-)

I was feeling so lazy today, and after getting back from some morning errands, I was pooped and ready to just lay around.  But I got in my "parent mode" and made myself put on my tennies and head out to the gym.  Felt so much better afterwards.  I'm always glad I did it - after the workout.  :-)

This week I have been absolutely STARVING.  I mean ravenously hungry.  Every 2 hours. (At least).  And....so far I've gained 3-4 pounds!  Kinda scary, but I know it means my baby is actually growing.  Woo hoo! 

This stuff has been my special treat this week.  Mmmmmm.  It tastes SO much better than it looks and it's so good for you.  One of my little ways to get greens in! (Cause I'd probably never eat kale plain anyways....)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How Can I NOT Be Grateful?

I was reading through the first few chapters of Jeremiah this morning.....and as I read, I felt like kind of "re-wording" what I was reading.  Sometimes I feel like it's helpful to paraphrase what I'm reading in my own words; it sorta makes it hit home a little more.  Makes it more personal.  God, speaking to ME....not just the world as a whole. 

So in chapter 2, vs. 1-11, this is what I re-worded:

"I remember you.

I remember how much you loved Me when you were young; how you followed after Me when you didn’t have anything or anyone else.  You were sacred to Me - and I jealously protected you from those who would destroy you.

But now, you’ve moved on.  Moved on to “more important things”.  What have I done wrong, that you would stray so far from Me?  You’ve forgotten everything I did for you.  You don’t ask where I am anymore; You don’t look for me.

I have been so good to you; I gave you only My blessings in full abundance. Grace after grace!  But as soon as you received it, you turned against me.  You’ve taken it all for granted. 

You read My Word, but you don’t know Me; you aren’t truly seeking Me.  You’ve found others who have become your Everything.

I’m telling you plainly - you are guilty.  Have you ever heard of a person turning their back on someone who saved their life?  Never!  But that’s exactly what you have done - you exchanged Me, your Everything, for nothing.

Throughout Jeremiah, there seems to be a resounding theme: God blesses His children in crazy ways, but it's never quite enough for them.  They get what they want and then promptly turn away to other gods.

Sound familiar?  Did for me.

I've only been alive for 21 years but....I've been blessed by a magnificent God in some amazing ways.

Saved by grace, completely undeserved.
Born in America.
Born into a Christian home.
Parents that love each other deeply.
Dedicated mom who gave 23 years and counting to raising and homeschooling each of us kids.
Attentive dad who let me know that I mattered.
Tons of super fun sibling memories growing up.
A courtship that I never expected would happen.
An wonderful husband who loves the Lord.
A beautiful home.
A precious little life inside me.
The chance to be a nurse.
A husband who works crazy hours to provide for me.

And that's just a super short summary of how I'm blessed.
I've been given the world - God has done so much for me!  How can I be anything BUT grateful? How can I not give my life in full surrender to a Savior who loves me more than I can ever imagine?

It's crazy how easy it is to forget my awesome Creator and just hop along on MY merry way and do MY THING and think that I'm somehow in control of my life.

"The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness."  - Jeremiah 31:3

Let's not forget how good God is!  He is so generous and loving.  He is God.
It's a call to be humbled before His throne and grateful at His feet.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where Home Is

 So I've been asked many times by several different people to post pictures of our apartment!  FINALLY I am doing it. :-)  Most of these pictures were taken on different days, as different parts of the house happened to be cleaned haha - so that accounts for the variance in lighting!!

 This is our room.   I love having a comforter on our bed - it's one of those little things that just makes me happy (as opposed to a quilt).    I think it was raining the day I took this picture - that's why the window looks all spotty lol.

 I took this picture at Christmas time when we had our tree up :-) That's gone now of course, but I always have the white lights on top of the kitchen cabinets.  I love the coziness of them in the evening and early mornings!! 

 The top of our bookshelf - I finally got around to ordering prints of our wedding photos, so this one's on display.  Sorry it's kinda blurry here.

 Our bathroom.  You might have noticed by now that these aren't very spacious shots; our apartment is small and cozy so these are more like places rather than different rooms :-)  Though our bedroom is seperate from the living room.

 And this - is our "linen closet"!!!  It's actually quite handy having this big ole' basket with fresh towels in it right next to the sink / shower.  Easy access.  Plus it forces me to actually fold them up and organize them. :-)

 Quick caveat here, just had to say that I am LOVING these soy candles from Target right now.  This lavender one I keep in our room - since lavender is supposed to "enhance sleep" I usually light it in the evening when we're both getting ready for bed.  It's so relaxing and yummy smelling :-) David knows me so well now that if I'm in the shower, he'll go ahead and light all my candles for me throughout the house to make it smell good. 

The kitchen and living room are sort of combined - it's nice and open-feeling. 

We have a big window in the living room that our kitchen table is right in front of.  I got this Scripture decal from Hobby Lobby and put it above our window - I love it!  It's the perfect touch. 

This week I've really started noticing some baby movements!!  Sooo exciting to feel finally!!  It's mainly at night when I lie down and am totally still, I start to feel my little pumpkin swimming around in there lol :-) Sometimes it's really pronounce and I feel all this pressure on one side or the other, and then when I feel with me hand at that spot, there's this big hard lump there.  It's so crazy!  It feels so amazing to know that I have the privilege of being this baby's home for 9 months.  Pregnancy is truly a miracle.