Friday, May 22, 2015

28 Weeks / Workout Mileage / Loving Life

Good morning friends!!!  Guess what? I'm 28 weeks pregnant now!!  

I really have nothing new to report pregnant-wise....I mean, she's still in there, I'm still getting bigger...AND BIGGER....and, well, yeah.  I'm starting to have some lower back pain though...sitting in the car or even sleeping can bring it on :-/  Thankfully though I find that running really helps with that; just loosens everything up and makes me feel better.  Moving always works wonders!!

I've had a good week.  I am just LOVING this warm summer weather we are having.  Finally...warmth and heat and sun and tans....!!!  Most of you know I can't stand winter (even in AZ) and loathe being freezing (which it seems I am most of the time lol).  So moving to shorts and tank top weather is the bestest :-)

This week my mom and two littlest brothers came out to see me!!  Super fun!  Isaac and Josh got in the pool with me and we enjoyed the warm water (heated pools are awesome, just sayin') and the sun.  I love this tankini's getting shorter and shorter these days as Elenna makes herself more and more apparent haha!

This was me the other day at our gym - I got David to come workout with me this time which was fun!!  He usually does the Stairmaster while I do the treadmill. 
 Although I felt like I was lazy this week, I was actually super surprised when I tallied up my workouts for the week.  Maybe I'm just more energetic or something!  

Saturday - 3.3 miles run / 32 minutes
Sunday - 3 miles run / 30 minutes
Monday - 5.2 miles run / 54 minutes
Tuesday - 3.2 miles run / 34 minutes
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - 4.4 mile hike / 2:08
Friday - 4.4 miles run / 45 minutes

Total mileage this week: 23.5 MILES!!

Not bad for a slightly large and awkward pregnant girly!!!!   :-)

For today, I plan on cleaning up the house, maybe going to Starbucks!!, and continue prepping for the women's retreat coming up in July.  Remember last summer I led worship for it like three days before our wedding???!!  Crazy - and this year, I'll be doing it about a month before I'm a mommy!!  I'm excited, really excited to hear the message and enjoy the fellowship of such wonderful Christian women :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Applying Proverbs 31

This morning as I had my quiet time (with my yummy mug of vanilla coffee of course - AND hazelnut creamer.....mmmm....) I read through Proverbs 31 again.   Sure I've read this chapter a gazillion times growing up - but today it just seemed like so many things clicked for me in the are of application, and I wanted to share it with you all.

Although I'm usually more organized with my posts, I just want to randomly write this stuff down so I don't forget it - and hopefully you ladies can benefit AND add some thoughts of your own!!  (Please do!)

"The words of King Lemuel, the utterance which his mother taught him. What, my son? And what, son of my womb?" (vs. 1)
Although this verse doesn't say it directly, I was struck with the sense of how, even though Lemuel was a King and probably busier than he'd ever been before in his life.....he still remembered and wrote down some things his mother taught him.  Apparently she had a strong influence on her son.  Mothers influence their children hugely - they impact the next generation!  Makes me think am I going to be influencing my little girl in the days to come?  I want to make a really good impact on her life.

"The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain." (vs. 11)
For some reason, this makes me think of money.  Since David works most of the time, I'm the one who does 95% of our grocery and household shopping.  We came up with a budget before we got married, (and have modified it several times since), but in the end, it's up to me to actually stick to it.  I want to be better about finding the best deals and spending our money wisely - as well as sticking to what we've agreed to. It's kinda difficult going from a single girl who was used to spending her money on whims (unfortunately) to a married woman who now needs to stick to a budget for reals!!!! It's the grown up world now and mommy and daddy aren't around to fill in the gaps anymore lol.

"She does him good and not evil all the days of her life. " (vs. 12)
What came to mind here was just random acts of kindness that I can think up to do for my hubby :-) Living with David the last 9 months has given me the opportunity to really learn alot about him.  I know that he likes things organized and clean (especially the car), he likes it when I bake for him, he likes Lindt chocolate truffles (he he), etc.   There's alot more obviously....but this verse just makes me think of doing little things for him that make him happy :-)

"She willingly works with her hands." (vs. 13) 
Don't be afraid of hard work - that's got to be my take away here. Just do it!  Don't be crabby about YOUR responsibilities!  Be willing.

"She girds herself with strength, and strengthens her arms." (vs. 17)
Take care of yourself.  That's a big part of why I get so excited about working out.  Not only is it nice to be fit for my's also going to have big payoffs down the road when my daily energy levels aren't so "natural" anymore lol.  I want to be the mom that does stuff with her kids, is active, is strong for everything life demands of her.  I want to be healthy and fit enough to be "up" for whatever new direction the Lord may lead us to as a couple.  Thus, my running and healthy eating :-)

"She extends her hand to the poor, yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy." (vs. 20)
This verse really stuck out to me, as I really feel God speaking to me about ministering to those in need the last year or so.  Notice this woman doesn't wait  for the needy to come to her.  She reaches out to them on her own.  Often those who need us most won't ask - that's where following the leading of the Holy Spirit comes in!!  I want to be more sensitive to the Lord's prompting in this area; being a light to those around me, ministering to other's needs (whether they are physical or spiritual). 

"She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness." (vs. 26)
She has good advice and counsel for others.  And where does she get all this wisdom?  From the Lord!  I want anything I say to others, whether it's my husband, children, or friends, to be wise and kind.  This should be an outpouring of what I'm receiving from the Lord in my relationship with Him.
"She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness." (vs. 27)
ORGANIZATION.  Ok - seriously this is something I am really learning about!!!!  Mom is no longer there to pick up after me lol!!!!  There is something completely different about living on your own without parents.  It is up to ME to keep up with everything (although David is so sweet about helping out whenever he can).  Somehow, I want to be better about planning ahead for things and having some sort of a managing method.  Especially now with Elenna on the way - eh, I better figure get this down!  I have definitely improved since we got married; I feel like I do have a certain "cleaning schedule" that keeps things going.....but my menu planning is very sloppy which then leads to a poorly utilized food budget.  :-/

I'd love to hear any additional thoughts / applications you all might have!

Friday, May 15, 2015

27 Weeks - 3rd Trimester!!

I can't believe I've finally hit the THIRD TRIMESTER!!! Crazy exciting!!!

Sometimes it doesn't even feel like all this is real.  It's so wonderful and amazing and it really possible that I could be having a baby?  And a baby girl at that?  I'm just way too blessed.

How I'm Feeling: Seems like the crazy itching has finally stopped, though I'm still faithfully applying lotion most days.  (Ok that sounded totally contradictory - "faithfully...most days" haha)
I pretty much eat about every two to three hours on the clock.  You could seriously set a timer and I'd come looking for food probably before it went off. :-) That being said, since I'm eating more often I'm really careful to make sure I don't eat junk.  Last week I bough one of those gigantic watermelons, you know, the $5 ones at Walmart?  No joke, I ate 90% of it myself (David's not a huge fan) in about three days.  Oh my gosh.  It was AMAZING.  Any kind of fresh fruit I can get my hands on, as well as nuts / chocolate chips, popcorn or rice cakes, salads, granola bars, smoothies, etc.   And lots of water of course :-) My one downfall is honey nut cheerios.  Man I love those things :-(

And boy do I have preggo dreams!!! Goodness! Actually this started way back when I first found out I was pregnant.  Just a LOT of really vivid dreams every night. More recently they are about having the baby.  Last night I dreamed we came home from the hospital and realized our baby was a boy AND that I still had another baby moving around inside me - kinda freaked me out!! I was like what on earth happened here! lol

How Baby is Feeling: Well by the way she's kicking me at this very moment, she must be pretty darn happy in there :-)  She seems to "wake up" when I start eating - I just imagine her looking up the umbilical cord and being like, "yay mommy, food!!!!"  haha! She's really squirming around a lot these days, sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable the way she positions herself but for the most part I don't mind. :-) I can definitely tell if she's poking her head out on one side, it feels like this round doorknob or something lol.

Weight: about the same (6-7 lbs).  I've heard that around 30 weeks, you start gaining a pound a week.  So if that happens, I might end up gaining a total of like 15 - 20 pounds by the end.  But that's just guess-timating :-)  Again, "they say" that 12-14 pounds come off at the hospital.  So....I'll be looking at maybe 8 pounds left?  I dunno.  I guess we'll see.  It's just cool to see how your body gains what it needs to and the sheds later if you take care of yourself.  God made our bodies in a very unique way.

I think people have finally starting thinking I'm actually pregnant instead of assuming I'm just a girl who loves her cookies and ice cream lol! I had my hand on my stomach while I was at Walmart the other day and the cashier was like, "Baby moving around?"  YES! Thank you. Finally someone who noticed I was pregnant.   :-)

Exercise: Last week I was soooooo tired, so I ended up not being able to workout as much as I wanted to.  But my get up and go got up and CAME BACK thankfully the last few days!!  So I've had more energy to get things done.  I was so proud of myself today - I almost made it to a 5 mile run!! I got so close to making it (4.8 miles) but just couldn't keep going.  (I listen to my body!!!)  I do find I need to stop around 2 miles and walk for a bit, cool down, relax for maybe five minutes, before I finish the last few miles.  But hey it's all the same mileage in the end :-)

I've read so much on the huge health benefits of good exercise during pregnancy for both mom and baby.  And I'm excited to see how it works out for ME.  I was reading an article this morning talking about how strong cardio work (especially in the first trimester) makes for a hardier baby and stronger placenta growth later on.  Basically, since you're exposing the baby to stress early on, he or she adapts and becomes stronger itself - which is great preparation for birth.

That being said, I've stopped my Jillian Michaels workouts altogether.  Crunches just don't feel good anymore - I don't like how they tense up my stomach.  So I've had more time for my runs, which is still great.  When people ask "why on earth would you run while you're pregnant!!??" I just say I'm working on "toning my bump".  haha!

I have my next doctor's appointment this morning so I'm looking forward to seeing how everything is looking / measuring and all that.  It's very comforting to know that, (heaven forbid), if something were to happen and I went into early labor right now, Elenna might actually have a decent chance of making it.  We are in the "viability" stage, peoples!!!!!  And praise God for that. 

Getting closer to my due date makes me want to start getting ready somehow - there's not really much I can "do" since we don't have a nursery or a lot of stuff, but I still just feel like I should be preparing lol.  Maybe make a list of what to bring to the hospital?  Gosh maybe I oughtta start reading parenting books or something.....*aaahhh!!!!*

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How This Girl Runs

So ya'll probably know I like running.  And, while I was on my run this morning, I was thinking of some things I've learned in the past year or so that have really helped me with my workouts, so I thought I'd share them with you guys!

First off, I've found it really helps me to keep track of what I've run in a week.  Not only does it keep me motivated, but it also reminds me of what I still need to run that week.  (I don't claim to have fantastic mileage, but try to reach a goal of 10 - 14 miles in a week.)

Monday -  3.38 miles, 37 minutes, 371 calories burned
Tuesday -  REST
Wednesday - 4.2 miles, 49 minutes, 467 calories burned
Thursday -  REST
Friday - 3.7 miles, 43 minutes, 402 calories burned
Saturday -  REST
Sunday -  2 miles walked
Monday - 4 miles, 42 minutes, 450 calories burned

(Today) Tuesday - 3.2 miles, 38 minutes, 347 calories burned

Total mileage from Monday to Monday =  17.2 miles

(I really don't know if anyone will be very interested in this kind of post, but here' goes anyway :-) lol)
And no I don't run in sandals!!!!   We were on our way out to lunch this afternoon and I slipped them on :-)
1.  ALWAYS stretch before running. I used to scoff at this because I thought warming up was a waste of time when I really just wanted to get started.  But after a few rounds of hurting myself really bad because of not taking the time to stretch....I'm now a firm believer. :-) I even had one day of almost EVERYONE at school asking me "hey, are you ok?" because of my incredibly obvious limping / immobility from an intense workout without warming up.  You know its bad when you end up in your adviser's office crying and asking for Tylenol.   So all that to say, take care of your muscles and they'll take care of you. :-)

2. Eat something (a carb and a protein) 20-30 minutes before. I used to run on a totally empty stomach first thing in the morning to avoid food-related cramps but.....all that does is make you light-headed and low-energy for your workout.  Try a protein bar and some fruit, or a few crackers and some cheese / peanut butter.  Does wonders for your energy levels!

3.  Hydrate.  While I don't drink a ton of water while I'm running (cause yeah, that makes you cramp!), I do drink some throughout my workouts and definitely afterwards.  Cramps used to be one of my biggest hindrances to running.  However, it's important to know that dehydration is what causes cramps in the first place.  So drink up!  (And being pregnant, dehydration is what causes Braxton-Hicks and pre-term labor - so it's even more important now for me to be drinking.)

4.  Focus on controlling your breathing.  This has been important for me when it comes to endurance (because I'm no speed demon lemme tell you!).  Yes your heart will race and yes you will be short of breath.  Getting used to it and pushing through takes time!  As you run more and more, you'll feel less like you're dying and more like you can do anything.

 5. Run right.  Form is important.  One of the first things David noticed right after we got married and went on a few runs together was how...weird I run lol!  I tend to cross my arms back and forth in front of me instead of keeping them parallel to my sides.  My legs tend to do the same thing :-/ I've learned that how you run = how successful your running even is.  Reach forward while you run, and get those knees up :-)

6. Do what you can. I remember the day I ran a whole mile without stopping - I was elated!! ha ha But you gotta start somewhere!! Even now my mileage isn't fantastic, but it's better than it used to be.  Some days I'm more tired than others.  Some days I feel like I could run forever, and other days I feel like my body is missing in action!!  The key is to do something that keeps you moving every day.  Do what you can.  Something is better than nothing. 

7. Music is key.  I personally have a very difficult time running without something to listen to!  No music = no workouts, for me.  For me it's important to keep my mind distracted while my body is working hard.  Because honestly, I don't LOVE running - it's hard work!  I need to focus on something interesting, whether it's workout music, a Bible teaching, or an Adventures in Odyssey.  Helps the time pass faster :-)

8. Think positively. The more you think good things about working out, the easier it will be to actually get out there and do it. Face it, running takes some motivation!  The more you think about how hard it is, how tired you are, how you just want to lay around the house, how you'd rather do anything but go running....the harder it is to do it!  Start creating new and positive brain-pathways.  Sounds crazy, but it really does help.

9. Run when it's cool out. This is especially important with summer coming on.  I either run very early in the morning (5:30 or so), later in the evening (7:30), or in the gym where there's air conditioning.  Getting overly hot doesn't help you get more in shape guys! Might as well stay slightly comfy while you're working hard.

10. Listen to your body.  Don't baby yourself by any means (because you can always go farther than you think you can), but if something doesn't feel right, stop.  This is especially true for me being pregnant.  There are limitations to what I can do, and that's ok! When my knee was really bothering me a few weeks ago, I had to just be nice to it and stop running til it felt better.  When I start feeling my belly tighten up too much during a run, I stop and walk it out.  I personally don't run on an incline being pregnant.  And I'm also not too concerned about my pace either right now.  Again, the goal isn't to be a marathon runner with incredible time records!!  The goal, at least for me anyways, is just to be healthy and fit.  That looks different for everyone.

Monday, May 11, 2015

On Being Mommy

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day.  And it crazy to have people coming up and telling me, "Happy mother's day!!" .  I almost felt as if, this year, I had.....joined the pack, so to speak, become one of the "few, the chosen, the proud, the........."    I digress.  

 My sweet husband bought me a beautiful card (it was pink and sparkly *sigh*). 

And I spent most of the day worrying about Elenna because she had been rather quiet the last few days and I hadn't felt much movement. (Apparently worrying about your kids is a rite of passage into motherhood or something. It's begun already.)

I'm quickly learning that being a mommy means giving parts of me away for the good of another.  Basically dying to self.  

For me, quite practically speaking, this means giving my body away (albeit temporarily) to another human being to live in for nine months.  This is no small task, let me tell you!!  Don't roll your eyes at a pregnant woman til' you've been there!

I'll be honest, the weight gain really bothers me, even though I know it is a necessary part of pregnancy.  And starting last week, I've been dog tired every. Single. Day. Like, totally drained by noon.  Additionally, I no longer get hungry, I get HUNGRY.  Like, angry hungry. As in, feeling my blood sugar drop and my stomach growl makes me so desperate for food that I feel perfectly willing to yell at anybody that gets in my way until I find something to shove in my mouth.  (That sounds horrible, I know. I'm sorry.)  I get tired of running to the bathroom every 15 minutes for potty-emergencies that end up being oh-just-kidding sessions.  My jeans don't fit right anymore.  I've cried more this week than I think I did all last year, and over really, stupid things.

I'm six and a half months pregnant and am feeling it.  (I think I'm going to be pregnant forever.)
 I've found myself telling my husband desparingly, "I just want to be ME again!" the end of the day.....this is what I am called to do.  As a mommy, a wife, a daughter, a a Christian. 
"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."
-John 15:13

Regardless of the season of life we are in, we're called to lay down our lives for one another.  To serve as Jesus served.  To give of ourselves for the good of those around us....and ultimately, for the glory of God.   This can take many different forms and look very different for each one of us.  But at the end of the day, I'm learning that life isn't about me. 
It's easy to talk about this concept of laying down your life and throw around the catch-phrases and Christianese about "serving the Lord" and "taking up your cross" and "dying to self".  But when it gets down to the daily grind and the brass tacks, it's a different game altogether.  

Yes of course, I'm thrilled to be a mom, and I'm SO EXCITED to meet Elenna, and being pregnant is a privilege.  But that doesn't mean it doesn't come without some bumps along the way. :-)

(And in the midst of all these little pregnancy challenges, I am more grateful to my mom than ever before for doing this THREE TIMES.  Experiencing pregnancy makes me appreciate her in a whole different way.  :-) )

Monday, May 4, 2015

25 weeks 3 days

So ya'll have probably noticed by now that my updates always seem to be......uh, "off-dates", normal people would probably post EXACTLY on 25 weeks.  Not "25+3 days!!!".  Most of my posts have been like that, it seems -I just get so excited I can't WAIT for the next week-milestone to come.  

So this was today at Target, as you can see!! Ha ha I was browsing after school and there was this huge mirror there and it worked well for a full-body shot. 

How I'm Feeling: Braxton-tastic!!!!  lol if that's even a word.  I think I'm having them, Braxton Hicks.  Mostly they happen right after (or during) a run / workout.  And it's weird because....they don't hurt at all.  In fact, I really don't feel anything - I just notice that all of a sudden my stomach gets like concrete-hard and tight.  It's weird.  I was thinking today, "gosh, if that's a practice contraction than labor will be a BREEZE!!" but.....probably, active labor actually....hurts.  

I wasn't feeling super great on Saturday - I had cramps, felt bloated, and putting those two together I just felt huge.  (Don't laugh.)  I couldn't even sit on the couch at a 90* angle - the only position I felt comfortable in was like a half-lying down-sitting position with my legs propped up.  Ugh!  Even though people keep saying how tiny or small I am, TRUST me I feel gigantic, and I can't bend over any more, I'm certainly not flexible like I used to be and I get short of breath after eating a big meal (it's like there's just not much room left in there with food+baby)!!!  

Exercise: Yay! I started running again this week!!!  My knee is still bothering me a little but it's definitely better than last week.  I don't notice that it's harder running pregnant than it ever did before; in fact I almost feel like it's easier.  But I still can't make it past 3 miles without feeling pooped.  :-/ 
I think that's just a training issue, not a being-pregnant-issue.  Ah well.  At the end of the day it's still good exercise.  :-)

Food: Lots of fresh fresh fresh fruits and veggies and meats.  Mmmmm, yummy.  This was my dinner the other night, fajita chicken with melted cheese, veggies, salad, HOT salsa, and a homemade banana chocolate chip muffin.  (Which, by the way, were so yummy - the muffins I mean - so here's the recipe!! They're pretty darn healthy :-)

Wet ingredients (mix FIRST. Then add the dry ingredients)
3 bananas mashed
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
Dry ingredients (mix together in separate bowl)
1.5 cups of flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
Place in 375 degree oven for 10-15 minutes.  Makes 12.

Weight: the same.

Maternity clothes: still wearing mostly my regular clothes.  When I do buy new clothes I try to buy things that I can wear now, and I know I can still wear post-partum.  So, looser workout tops (like the first picture) have been some of my favorites lately, as well as light workout shorts.  I did get a dress today that I am super excited about wearing; it's not maternity but it's stretchy so it will work great during and after pregnancy!

I haven't really posted about my wonderful husband recently, but I just had to put this picture of him doing dishes the other night.  He's so awesome :-) Between being pregnant and having a bad knee, it's been tougher than usual for me to do it all, so he has been doing most all the laundry for me the last few weeks!! We live on the second floor of the apartment complex, so hauling a big heavy laundry basket down the stairs is a little.....unnerving for me lol.  He's been awesome at doing it for me. They've been short-staffed at work recently too, so he's been putting in even more hours, so he's tired alot of the time!!!  

But when we do have days off together (which have been more frequent now that my school is coming to an end), we enjoy sleeping in (aka, me waking  him up at 3am because I'm wide awake and bored), making breakfast together, or going out for special dates.  Last week we went to IHOP for breakfast while we reviewed our budget together, and then afterwards walked around Home Depot imagining our future house someday :-) And around here, our local theatre has $5 Tuesdays, so if we see a movie, we ALWAYS do it then. So tomorrow just might be an Avengers 2 date.

With school coming to an end, I do have to say that I truly could not have finished my first year of nursing without David. Honestly.  He has been so supporting and helpful throughout the entire school year.  Nursing school can be pretty much academic boot camp - and I get easily overwhelmed - so having David just there for me has been such a blessing.  From helping me cook, to doing laundry, picking me up from school, and working full time so I can focus on school instead of a job AND school......he's been amazing.  And we're almost hitting 9 months here of being married!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

24 weeks 4 days

Although it seems like these weeks are flying by (it's because of school!!!), I have a bad feeling that they will start creeeeeeping by VERY sloooowly quite soon here.  School (as much as I hate to admit it) gives me purpose.  Daily activity.  As stressful as nursing school can be.....honestly, it keeps me focused, determined, and always learning.  

Thus, the first 1/2 of my pregnancy has sped by beautifully :-)

However, with the last day of school approaching here in just a week and a half (crazy), I'm thinking the second 1/2 of baby belly isn't going to be as glamorous or fast-moving.  lol.

Cravings: Fruit - though this has always been true I guess :-) Since so much fruit is coming into season and on sale recently, I've been buying strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, and grapes like crazy and eating a ton of it.  I love fresh food!  I had a good time with some homemade chocolate chip cookie dough this week as well - a spoonful or two each day - until I accidentally left the container sitting out all morning today.  Whoops.  Bye-bye chocolate amazing-ness.....

Maternity Clothes: So  I'm at the stage where, though most of my clothes still fit, some of them look kinda stupid now :-/  Pre-pregnancy jeans are still fitting as long as I do the pony-tail trick....BUT I'm finding it awkward having the zipper unzipped all the time and having to remember to always pull my tanktops / shirts down to cover lol.  The one pair of maternity pants I do have are the best ever because I don't have to worry about that :-) I got a great pair of maternity shorts that I love, and I'm thinking I'll go by Ross this week and pick up another pair of a different color since it's very much shorts-weather!!  Long, flowy tops or slimmer maternity shirts are my favorite right now.  Long tank tops are terrific as well.

How I'm Feeling: I have THE WORST dry skin IN THE WORLD.  It's weird cause it's really not all that dry right now.  But I'm peeling and flaking all over the place!  (And every place, too, let me say.) I'm finding I have to lotion up twice a day to feel ok.  And when I'm too lazy to do that, I just itch like a monkey ALL DAY LONG.  It's bad.  
Another thing I've noticed this week has been that it really hurts to stretch back - you know, like a good deep morning reach-your-hands-to-the-sky-and-bend-backwards-kinda-stretch.  When I do, I just really feel it pulling deep in my abdomen - kinda hurts!!!  
Other than that though, still feeling great!

Exercise: As much as I haaaaaaate it, I'm forcing myself to quit running. JUST for this week only.  My runner's knee has been so awful that sometimes I can't even really walk very well.  I've resigned myself to the fact that I won't be able to really run well unless I let me knee heal up.  So I'm giving it a few days.  
To make it even worse, David bought me a SyncBurn watch this week for my birthday!!!!!!!!!  I'm SO excited about using it on my runs!  It tells you how far you've run, how many calories you've burned, timing, etc.  And to boot, this morning he bought me new running shoes because the pair I've been using are really worn out with horrendous support.  (Maybe that's why my knee got all messed up in the first place?) So I have this stuff just sitting there, crying out to be used lol.  But not this week.  Gotta heal up.

Weight: 6-7 lbs total so far.  (Hard to say exactly because I don't know how much is water weight or a quick shift from a big meal earlier.)
How Big is Elenna? Well, according to

  • Her see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque.
  • And it's got a new pink glow, thanks to the small capillaries that have recently formed.
  • Your 10.5-to-11.8-inch fetus weighs about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces and every week she gets closer and closer to being ready to survive (and thrive!) in the outside world.

 I think it's crazy amazing I have a human cantaloupe living inside me lol!!  I know she's getting big because sometimes I'll feel her kick really down low AND up high by my belly button at the same time and I'm like "wow, she's really stretching out in there!".  
And speaking of belly buttons....I NEVER thought I'd see the day but.....mine is becoming an outie :-( lol it's weird because I've always had an "innie" belly button, but apparently being pregnant is changing that.  And I think I'm getting stretch marks on both sides of my stomach (maybe that's why I'm itching like crazy).  I've been really good at moisturizing though, and my weight gain is steady so I'm not sure why I would get stretch marks already.

Things I've Gotten For Elenna: I haven't bought anything as of yet.  For one thing, we don't have a place to put any of it til I re-organize for her arrival lol! Some friends have blessed us with some great little girl things so far though, and every bit of it is a HUGE blessing :-) My sweet sister in law Liz got us our first cardboard read-aloud book though, *so cute* !  It's about llamas going to bed he he. Fun stuff :-)

What I'm Looking Forward to:  

- my next appointment!   I'll actually get to finally meet the doctor who is going to deliver miss baby girl (so far I've only seen nurse practitioners).  My next appointment is May 16 so just a few more weeks.  

- my graduation ceremony on the 14th!!  I am ecstatic beyond belief to be able to walk across that stage and get pinned.  Gosh, I can go get my LPN license now.  Amazing!

- being able to run again.  I really enjoy challenging myself so it's a bummer to not be able to workout like I want to.

- getting together with my family this week to celebrate Josh's and my birthday!  It's been a busy few weeks recently so I haven't gotten to really see them much.  

- vacation!!! Woot woot! David and I are starting to plan it for early June, I think. Reward for getting through my first year of nursing school without going crazy :-)