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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Planning Continues

We ARE approaching, peoples.  The date... August COMING!!!!  *excited*

And meanwhile, chaos and pandemonium ensue  :-/  At least, it feels like it sometimes.  I mean, it wasn't until yesterday that I actually got to see my bedroom floor - it had been covered by dirty clothes essentials and just lots of...stuff.   (Im packing ok? )  And then it occurred to me the other night in a sweaty panic's 2 1/2 weeks til the wedding, and my dress isn't even finished yet. Um, yeah.  (That made me just buckle down and finish altering it THAT night.)

I'm trying to keep my mind off the wedding (yeah right) so I can focus on just today.  But I'm finding that increasingly difficult, since the arch we're getting MARRIED under sits right there in my bedroom every single day lol.  Kinda no other place to store it.....I'm sooooo tempted to just leave the lights on at night (my favorite) but I'm forcing myself to leave them unplugged so I have something to work with for our wedding day.  Isn't it a pretty arch?  I still have to decorate it with flowers / tulle.  *can't wait!*

Super excited about the next few weeks, music-wise.  Get to play violin at church this Sunday (it's been forever) and then in two more weeks, I'm leading worship *gulp* at the Calvary Chapel Women's Retreat!!!  Yeah, two days before the wedding!!!  Eeek.  Finally got all six worship sets set and ready to go.  I'm really excited about this retreat; just getting the chance to hear really good teaching and worship with some very dear ladies from church will be a great way to get my heart right and ready for the wedding.  

Things are starting to come together, for real.  David and I got our apartment, and now we're starting to fill it up!!  Last weekend, Dad helped us move a few pieces of furniture out there, plus all our shower gifts and a few of my clothes.  I think David's a little worried about me hogging up the closet space with all my clothes/accessories.  I reassured him that I'm sure we could find a.....small corner in back....or somethin....for his FEW items.  ok, kidding.....but um yeah, I do have quite a bit more than he does lol.  Come's with bein' a girl :-)

All the wedding planning that we've done over the past few months is finally starting to fall into place.  Rings bought.  Ties for the guys and dresses for the girls bought (turqouise, people!).   Flower girl chosen (cutie!).  Most decorations bought (but still needing to be put together).  Reception menu planned (tacos hamburgers and hotdogs....mmm...).  Cake being worked on.  Dress mostly  finished. 

Phew!  This whole thing has been quite a project.  But I want to enjoy every last minute of it.  :-)  It's LITERALLY a once-in-a-lifetime event.  I wanna savor every bit.  

Another Beautiful Shower

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cornerstone Wedding Shower

Wow.  What can I say?  It is a huge blessing being part of such a wonderful fellowship of believers :-)  Last Sunday, my church threw David and me a beautiful wedding shower.  And I do mean beautiful.  

Having people, most of whom I've known since I was 13, come and celebrate with us and bless us with gifts, was so special.  I mean seriously, these people are family to me :-)  It was so so special!!!

Us, the happy couple :-)   Notice the lack of color on David's plate - yeah.....I'm already trying to work on his eating habits lol.  Veggies here we come.....I've been threatening him with a one week lemon juice/olive oil fast and de-tox once we get married haha.  I THINK he's slightly worried - but maybe my blueberry pancakes the last two mornings has made up for it?  He spent the last two days out here with my family getting stuff moved out to the apartment so I got to make him breakfast twice. Though I noticed he steered very clear of the veggie omelet I made.  Hmmmm.  We'll need to work on that one....

We had YUMMY chocolate cake with raspberry filling!!  It was so good.  There was a lot of cake left over which I sent home with David.  Mmmmm.  It was SO good that I knew I couldn't take it home.....I kinda need my dress to fit come August 13th lol :-)

After eating lunch, we were "interviewed" with a few courtship questions by Pastor Al and Mrs. Addleman.  It was kinda fun!  Though David and I both agreed afterwards that what we shared didn't even come close to covering how we met and how things progressed.  We have an interesting story to say the least......let me just say that love at first sight was NOT true for us, and that we've had quite a few kinks and difficulties to work through.  It's been an adventure, that's for sure!!!

Yes, we both look like idiots here, I'm aware of that.  But....its the only one of us next to the cake.  Ah well.  Actually quite a few of these pictures will be less than perfect but I want them on here for posterity's sake.  :-)

Although Pastor Al can't do our wedding ....:'-(....he is doing our pre-marital counseling.   Yay :-)

Isn't this beautiful? all the Cornerstone ladies put together a recipe book for me.  It is so special - I know every time I make something from it I'll start missing them.

Um, yes hello David........haha

I was so excited for David - he got his tools!!! When we created our registry, he put them on there just for kicks, never thinking someone would actually buy them for us.  But wow - one of the families got a HUGE box of tools and stuff for him!! He was exstatic.  

Two of the most important couples in my life - my parents, and my pastor and his wife.  

Wow.  Here we are - 3 weeks away from the wedding.  

I AM SO READY!!!!!!!!  :-)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mud Day

We've had SO much rain lately!  

It was one of those really quiet relaxing days with my family.  No work, lots of rain, yummy grillout, no makeup.....yup, I need those days. :-) 

Yes, I went.....uh....wading in the mud.  It was fun.......mud on the face on the shirt on the arms....everywhere pretty much :-) But you HAVE to have fun sometimes.