Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Miss Blogging!!

Well hello there.

I've pretty much been out of the blogging world because my head is STUCK!!

Stuck in books, I mean.  I'm like living in my textbooks.  Cochise College invariably owns me these days.  It's crazy! It's this whole process of learning how to juggle all five classes at once AND end up getting higher than a B in each one to pass.  It's dreaming about unfinished assignments at night and waking up at 4:30 am to study ACE Inhibitors and Beta Blockers (this morning's joyous activity).  It's breaking down and totally freaking out because of three momentous tests all in the space of a few days. It's going without lunch because somehow you ended up with no break in between lecture and lab (8:30 - 3:30) AND you forgot a fork to eat with anyway.

But in between all that craziness?  Is stuff that makes me laugh.  Like, going ahead and eating that mac'n cheese with your fingers in the confines of the lab hall before class starts. Like, borrowing someone else's shoes for medication returns because you totally forgot to wear the required ones.  Like, cracking up when an elderly patient at clinicals tells you how her way-too-big sweat pants just fell down while she was in the cafeteria - and then hearing her roommate advise her to be careful with that because "some of the men down there have bad hearts".  Like, giving the 77 year old Simulation Dummy patient at the lab his dosage of Lisinopril and asking him if he was pregnant or nice.  (Well it WOULD have been a contraindication for the med, if he was a she!!!)

It's all the wonderful stuff that makes this school stuff less-messy. 
Like, having a husband that took up the challenge of romancing me in 15 minutes or less.  While I was in the shower, he managed to race around the house cleaning up, lighting candles, turning on Italian music, dressing up, and then topped it off by getting down on one knee and reciting all the reasons why he loves me and why he's glad he married me.

Like, having slices of Pumpkin Supreme over candlelight together.  
Like, spontaneously dressing up nice and then going out for an Olive Garden dinner.
Going for walks together (and making neighbor's dogs go crazy by barking at them lol).
Trying to do things we did when we were little at the park (cartwheels, handstands, climbing flag poles, etc) and proving to be sadly inept at all of them.  
Having devotions together in the wee hours of the morning before David leaves for work.
Watching A Christmas Story together and figuring out our plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Laughing ourselves silly over my Martha Mahinski imitations and his impeccable Napoleon Dynamite imitations. (He's amazing lol).

All in all?    
We're doing well.  Very well.  Crazy busy!  But lots of good and wonderful and happy moments in between that make it all worth it :-)  

Friday, September 26, 2014