Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Married Life - Today's Reality

 It's 6:30 pm.  Tuesday night.  We're sitting on the couch, me trying to earn swagbucks and him playing Hill Climb Racer on his phone.  


We wonder what's for dinner as neither of us have made anything.  David gets up to warm some stir fry noodles for his dinner while I contemplate the savory reality of having granola and strawberries instead. 

 I start this blog post while he looks up from the kitchen sink holding what's left our sink drain-catcher and asks, "Oh, did you break this too?"    I laugh and say yup!  I break everything around here.  Last week I set my curling hot curling iron too close to my plastic storage bin and managed to melt the entire side of it. 

All in all we are tired at the end of a day!!  When our class broke for lunch at 11am this morning I decided I was DONE for the day and NOT in the mood to stay for the rest of the lecture til 4pm.  So the day commenced in us making a totally aimless and impromptu drive to Bisbee just to see what there was, and after pulling off to look at what we thought was an abandoned church we were corralled by the owner who thought we were trespassers and then told it was ok to look around.  Then we went to a pizza place that we THOUGHT would be yummy but then quickly left when the menu didn't even have prices on it (totally out of our league).   We ended our trip at Walmart buying severely discounted granola bars and coming home to make pizza and do laundry.  

And just now my cute and delightful  husband tries to tempt me with his personal bag of (very unhealthy) dorritos.  Followed by the totally-guy question of, "Have you ever seen one of these things burned up?" He then proceeds to set it on fire over the sink.  

Heck, I married a firefighter, what can I expect?  
lol....just total randomness as we wrap up our day.

Why does it smell like burnt chips in here now?

Friday, February 20, 2015

15 Weeks Bumpdate

Hey there!  So....four weeks without posting a prego-update means I actually have something visible to show you on the bump-side of things.  Mainly I was taking a break because the last two weeks have been SO. CRAZY.  Between clinicals and simulation labs two weeks in a row, I'm bushed and brain-dead. 

(Of course, as I write this, I'm feeling guilty because I'm sitting amongst a yet-again messy living room with no plans for dinner and a pile of homework to do for the ginormous test awaiting me on Monday.)

But who cares!!  Honestly sometimes I think that the best way to get through nursing school is just not to care too much.  That sounds horribly lazy but....over analyzing things and over studying are deadly combinations for this girl.  So I just study as much as I have time for and leave the rest up to the Lord.  Do my assignments, don't get overly involved, and MOVE ON.

Speaking of moving on!!!  Looky looky!  Finally there's something there.  Of course I KNOW it's like.....nothing compared to a 36-weeker.....but I'm happy just to see anything :-)  And nope, I'm not sticking my stomach out and this is not after a meal.  

(Pardon the horrendous hair. )
Weight:  Hard to say.  I feel like I've been super hungry this last week. Like, voraciously starving. At this point in our marriage, David knows me so well that all I have to do is roll over at any given time in the night and be like....."Babe, I sure love you....." and he knows that's code word for I-need-a-bowl-of-cereal NOW.  He's such a good sport about my horridly-timed food whims!! lol  My man.....*sigh*

 This morning's weight was 121, but I'm doubting I actually gained 3 pounds since two days ago.  :-/ I have to admit I was scared when I saw that number on the scale....but I have to keep reminding myself that in the case of pregnancy, weight gain is good.  Since I'm now in the 2nd trimester and I haven't gained anything at all yet, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm starting now.  Healthy weight gain for a full pregnancy is 25 - 30 pounds.......(I shudder).....but I am really working on seeing this as normal and healthy (not to mention necessary) for baby.

Cravings / Aversions: Well I'm officially sick of avacados.  Bleh.  Too bad I just bought like six more last week that are now rotting on my kitchen counter.  As usual I love fresh fruits and veggies, anything sweet and crunchy and refreshing!  I find that I'm having CRAZY dreams (like 4 vivid ones per night) and usually at least one of those dreams involves food of some sort.  Then I wake up and am like.....mmm, peanut butter and jelly sounds SO good right now.....

For the record, I'm ashamed to say that last Sunday evening ended in a spur-of-the-moment binge on hot cheetos and a box of valentines assorted chocolates.  I am so bad.  (But man was it good. )

How I'm Feeling:  Except for this morning, I think I've finally gotten out of feeling queasy at night and in the mornings. I never had a lot anyway, but now I think (I hope) it's gone for good.  I'm tired BUT I will blame that on school, not being pregnant.  Having clinicals at 4:45 in the morning til 3pm is not conducive to feeling rested. :-/  But this morning during lab I got to learn how to do IVs!!  That was super cool and I felt very accomplished doing it and not passing out.  Although I did feel a little lightheaded when a fellow student simply practiced putting a turnequet on me. I'm such a baby.

Haha, not quite here yet! constipation, exhaustion, and nausea are about all I can relate to so far :-) lol

Exercise: I have STUNK at working out the last two weeks!!  I did something weird to my ankle....it was killing me so bad I could barely walk on it.  So I've been wearing an ACE brace and trying to stay off it.  Praise God it's better now, so  I'm thinking this afternoon warrants a much-needed run :-)

How Big is Baby? Apparently, the size of a navel orange!! Crazy that thing is in me and I don't feel it yet!  He or she is about 4 inches long.  I'm dying to start feeling movement, but it may be a few more weeks since this is my first :-) Baby C is sure hiding well in there! The other day David was listening with the stethescope (we know we can't hear anything but we sure like to try lol), and I poked my stomach hard, and he was like, "I just heard something swish by!!"  Aw well.  Sure am lookin' forward to our 20 week ultrasound!

 Speaking of my man, you know what he did for me?  You know what he did??!!

 He installed wheels on the bottom of the laundry basket so I don't have to lug it around against my stomach any more.  Now I just pull it to the laundry mat! My awesome guy, gee wiz.........

 I love this man so much!! He's going to be such an awesome dad!!  :-)  6 months together a week ago!!!!  Gosh I love being married.  David is THE biggest blessing God has ever given me.  Followed very closely by our baby blessing.  Love you babe!

 And now I am off to clean my house and make homemade cinnamon rolls!!!  Cause my hubby has been working since 4am and won't be home til 7:30 tonight.  So he deserves a little somethin-somethin.  :-)

Friday, February 6, 2015

just a wee bit busy

Happy Friday lovely readers!

So this week finds me SWAMPED.  Absolutely swamped.  I've had an exhausting week actually.  I partially blame my fatigue on the whole baby-making thing going on inside....it's gotta take a little something out of me.  But mostly I've just been on the run all week!  

Monday: big test from 8-10:30.  Lab from 11 - 2.  Dr. appointment at 3.
Tuesday: lecture from 8:30 - 4:00.  jog around the campus every break you get to keep from getting rigor mortis / numb but. 
Wednesday: drive an hour and half to a clinical that lasts from 8:30 - 4:00.  out to dinner with dad; get home at 9pm. miss my hubby all day long.
Thursday, my only day off: drop David off at work at 4am, come home and sleep til 7:30, and then basically cry because there is so much school to do.  Look longingly at your favorite book entitled Making Your Home a Haven (which is under a pile of laundry and junk because your house is more of a rat-infested dump than a warm welcoming haven at the moment)  I'm such a terrible homemaker
Friday: drop a sick husband off at work again at 4am.  Come home and start guzzling coffee - work on pre-simulation scenarios and write out a dozen drug cards.  Today I have simulations from 9 - 5.


Normally my weeks aren't quite so hectic but this one has been a....a.........I dunno, a hum-dinger?  What's the word I'm looking for?

It's no secret that the caps of nearly all my school pens have been chewed to bits (by me).  Yup, every single one looks like it's been through the lawn mower.  Nervous habit.

I haven't shaved my legs or done my nails in days - yuck - because I'm out of razors and have been TOO BUSY to even get to the store and buy more.

I'm still harboring secret revenge towards the ultrasound technician last Friday who, A) wouldn't let us hear the heart beat, and B) informed me I was actually 10 weeks instead of 13. 
 Neither of which I was pleased to hear.
My face is breaking out like crazy right now - hormone I guess
And....our refrigerator light bulb went out yesterday.

But on the bright side, I got a 95% on my last nursing test!!  That was exciting.  I'm only a few months away from getting my LPN - super excited about that!  I'm a mommy - that's definitely a plus! And I made some really awesome chili last night....oh and being married is still most definitely the biggest gift from God ever!

No "bumpdate" this week guys!  Maybe next.  It's not even like I'm showing yet or anything anyways......

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It's easy to rest on the familiar saying, "come to  Jesus just as you are".   And while that is a wholly accurate statement....I'm bothered at how easy it is to stay just as we are.  I find myself all too often staying in my horridly-too-comfy-comfort-zone of being complacent and apathetic towards the amazing work Jesus did on the cross for me, once in a while tossing a half-hearted "thanks Lord" over my shoulder as I proceed on my merry way, doing my thing, my way. 

I'm human - I'm instinctively self-focused and introverted.  Lots of the time it's about me, me, me.
When I know it needs to be about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

What gives me hope though, is digging into God's Word and finding verses like this one.

"Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners  - of whom I am the worst.  But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display His immense patience as an example for those who would believe on Him and receive eternal life."
-1 Timothy 1:15 - 16

If God could change a life like Saul's, most certainly He can change a life like mine.  If God was interested in reaching down and transforming a "murdurous, blasphemous, violent man"(vs. 13) into a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ, than I know He must be interested in transforming me the same way.  

God has some crazy patience and steadfast love for some pretty messed up people - like me.  He's in the business of changing lives.  The more I understand about Jesus, the less I want to stay "just as I am" and the more intensely I want to never be the same.

"Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"
2 Corinthians 5:17

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

11 Weeks 6 Days!

So it's time for another prego update :-)

I was absolutely THRILLED today.  THRILLED. Because this morning, at my OB appointment, I asked if we could check for the heart beat again using the Dopplar radar and guess what???!!!  We found it!!  It took forever, and as soon as I heard that fast little pitter patter I was like "is that it?"!!  It was so exciting.  'Course, as soon as the nurse nodded yes we lost it :-/ Guess it jumped away from us.  But it was just so incredible to actually hear what you've only been able to imagine up until now.  It made it so much more real - it's like, wow, this thing's alive!!!  I've got a baby!

 I'm wearing a maternity tank top here!! lol!!  Don't need it but...it fits really cute and I like it AND it was on sale.  So there.

Weight:  Nothing still.  Sure, the scale said I had gained like 3 lbs overnight - but that was due to a late night burger/fry dinner at a 50's diner during a spontaneous date night :-)  When I eat late like that I just don't get a chance to digest it lol!  Anyways still at my current weight, 118 lbs.   Of course last Sunday I had like two people come up and start cooing at me "oooo you're showing!'' Right after I had eaten a big meal.  No ladies, unfortunately that is not my baby.  That is my FOOD baby. 

Cravings / Aversions:  None to speak of.  I mean I sure I love my sugar fixes....but that's simply a self-control issue, not pregnancy related I believe :-) Heck, I knew I needed to take a pregnancy test after consuming an entire bag of chocolate covered craisins.  (There's like 2 cups in there peoples...)
*Ashamed*   HOWEVER I have, to my credit, been eating great.   In between York peppermint patties and (homemade) chocolate chip cookies.....I literally eat not much else than salads, meat, fresh fruit, and veggies.  So I figure I have some wiggle room there. 

And as for these green wonders, I LOVE avacodoes.  So much so that I am telling you about them.  I discovered their savory delights one evening when searching for a light snack before bed....and ended up pairing together crackers, cheese, brown mustard, and avacado.  Yum.  It is SO good!  Then I started slicing them up in my sandwiches.  Or dipping my pretzels in them.  I can't get enough.  (So I guess this could be considered a craving.)  After consuming a good dozen or so of them over the course of a week, I decided to actually look them up and see if they even had any pregnancy benefits.  What do you know, avacadoes are an amazing source of folic acid. Precisely what I need to be consuming right now!  (Along with prenatal vitamins of course.)
 How I'm Feeling: Awesome!  The last few weeks I had been having a lot of cramping / pain / heaviness in my lower pelvic area, and I read that it's just things stretching out down there.  I really feel like my uterus has finally come up out of my pelvis now, because all of a sudden this week, those pains are just....gone. Guess the baby has plenty of room now in my stomach to grow lol

Exercise:  So last year I found out about Maria Kang, the founder of No Excuse Mom.  She has 3 kids and uses them as reasons to workout, not excuses not to.  I loved this idea and always said that I was going to be "that kind of mom" someday.  I love how she (along with alot of other movements out there) have stood up and said that a fit post-pregnancy body IS possibly AND realistic!! It's very encouraging to know that I don't have to just "let myself go" or surrender to whatever pregnancy may do to my body.  Although I hated how my dad made us eat healthy growing up, and equally loathed our PE routines he made us do.....now I see how smart it is!!  I firmly believe that taking care of the body God has given me is a responsibility.   And I know my husband will appreciate it too :-)

So all that starts now.  I admit I was a little scared when I first found out I was pregnant, to keep working out....I was afraid of hurting my baby.  But after doing a TON of reading / asking around, I firmly believe that exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, but beneficial.   So I've just kept at it :-)  I picked back up that last few days with my Jillian Michaels workouts.  I started doing her 6 Week 6 Pack around last October / November and LOVED the results I got.  Somehow I got off track over the holidays (go figure) so now I'm getting back into it.  And loving it!  I also started her 30 Day Shred this morning as well.  (The neighbor below isn't loving it as much as me though....anytime I start doing plank jacks she goes crazy banging on the ceiling with a broom or something....ugh!! )  I also started running again today.  I try to do at least 2 miles or so when I do run.   It's crazy how fast you can lose your endurance if you set it aside for even a couple weeks!!

What Our Baby Is Doing 
Baby, fetus at 12 weeks - BabyCenter
12 week old fetus!!  Incredible!
 So our baby is a little over 2 inches long, and is the size of a lime.  A LIME!!! That's crazy that I have a living lime inside of me!!  You'd think I'd feel that!!  Or at least see it!  Ah well.  I know that will come in time.  :-)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Candid Camarenas on a Rainy Cloudy Cozy Monday!


Simply Opportunities

Hard times.  Challenges.  Difficulties.

Rather than bucking them and getting angry / frustrated / upset / depressed......I'm learning to embrace them as simply opportunities to run into the arms of Jesus.  He is our Rock of Refuge when times get tough!

For me, school is my "wave".  Oh my goodness yes.  It can be *so* frustrating and overwhelming sometimes!  And yet, one of my goals for this new year was to stop living like I'm just surviving.  I want to start thriving.  Right where I am.  That means....not stressing over tests. Not feeling like I have "no life".  Not telling myself that school "owns" me.  Not complaining and being bummed out all the time because school is taking "forever".

No.  I am a wife and a mother! God's daughter!  Who is almost half-way through with her degree!  I can get through this.  I can do this with joy.
But only through Him Who strengthens me. 

What's your "wave" ? How are you dealing with it?